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News blurbs:
2006-06-20: A spammer has been forging email headers so that they appear to be coming from fictitious email addresses at If you think you got spam from, you didn't. For more information, read this page by Greg who also had a problem with a spammer using Greg's domain name. As Ivo says, "What you got was just a letter where someone wrote a fake return address on the upper left corner. Would you take that return address as authoratitive? No? Then do the same with email". (If you want more information, then please read Greg's later page.)
2005-12-19: I have moved to Wrocław, Poland! (Professionally I am less interested in software work now, and more interested in English teaching, editing, writing, etc.) This is also the explanation for the lack of recent RussCon Reports...
2005-06: Aŭstino gastigis la ELNA-Kongreso de 2005!
2004-08-24: I installed gallery before going on a long trip. There are trip photos and art and stuff in the gallery.
2004-02-16: I have put my resume online, in html and MS Word form. I'm interested in software testing.
2003-09-19: I've been doing 2 movabletype blogs hosted here (political and Esperanto), but now I've been sucked into starting a livejournal blog and expect now that I'll discontinue posting at the first 2, instead consolidating all my blogly expression into the lj blog.

Also today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! Avast!

2003-07-29: Yuddom.
2003-05-20: Mi komencis taglibron en Esperanto!
2003-05-05: Roughly 80 webcomics did strips for Webcomics Awareness Day which I wrangled the website for. Check it out!
2003-04-17: Got interested in constructed languages. After brief flirtation with Lojban, decided to learn Esperanto, and have begun Esperanto links page. Very cool fascinating stuff. It's exciting to be learning a language again after years of not studying any languages.
2003-03-08: Added movabletype blog! This was a nontrivial undertaking, but went pretty smoothly.
2003-03-06: Added free google search bar. This doesn't guarantee to search all pages on the site, alas, but it's better than no search at all, and it's free and easy to set up... :)
2003-02-23: I have added a page of peace links which I've found useful and interesting lately.
2003-02-15: There were peace rallies all around the world today. I took some Austin Peace Rally photos, with a special emphasis on all the signs people had. One cool thing was all the individual handmade signs. There actually weren't very many mass-manufactured signs. The Austin rally started at 1:00 at the capitol and around 3:00 people began marching down Congress Avenue to the river and the bridge. It was a pretty large turnout. Some other signs I wanted pictures of but didn't manage to get: War Orphans Make Great Terrorists. Paws For Peace (sign on a dog). Boobs Not Bombs (shirt with pasties on the OOs in Boobs). We Said No Fucking War! (cool handmade stencil spray painted onto several girls' shirts).
August 2002: The Triangle Classification results are finally up! Woohoo!
July 2002: I've written up the recently created multiplicative ratings system! Also I have started making new and updated pages here validate as HTML 4.01 Transitional by inserting appropriate DOCTYPE etc junk.
April 2002: Started a long-overdue links-to-friends page.
Sunday May 13: My printmaking class is over. One of the cool things we did was a trade portfolio, each printing 12 self-portraits and exchanging them. You can see them all here.
Sunday March 11: For the past week my austin.rr email has been very screwy, due to some problem that's apparently affected all email delivery via austin.rr. It seems to be getting better now, but if you sent me important email and haven't heard back, that's why... try resending.
Monday Feb 19: I've put up 2 scans of my first project from printmaking class on my art page. They're 2 color relief prints, printed on Feb 10.
Saturday Feb 3: Thanks Dan for taking a photo of my so-called mystery man drawing (my favorite pencil work so far). This was done last fall in my drawing class from an arty fashion photo; my original drawing was way too big for my scanner, but I finally got it digitized by taking a picture. If you know who the guy in the picture is, let me know!
Thursday Dec 28: I've created an Iron Horse city map.
Thursday Dec 14: I've created a Carcassonne tile distribution.
Thursday Nov 2: Added info on subscribing & unsubscribing to RussCon mailing list. Also moved to our new digs here at! This means I no longer have the freeservers ad banner (which would never earn me anything anyway), and (so far) has seemed to be more stable (knock on wood). Of course tech support is much better since I know PJ. :)
Monday Oct 9: I've been putting a few recent sketches up.
Friday Aug 4: My cable modem died today, and I leave for the Go Congress early in the morning, so if you emailed me anything from Friday onward, I won't see it until Tuesday Aug 15 (theoretically that's when the cable will be fixed...)

Remember ArmadilloCon is coming up, August 18-20. It's Austin's annual sf con, with lots of sf authors, panels, art, music, etc. Some of us RussCon folks will be running the boardgame room!

If you play go, perhaps I will see you at the Go Congress in Denver this August! exists now. Woohoo! Check out my comics about go, boardgames, etc.

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