Russ Williams
Wrocław, PL
Phone: 510946163

Objectives: Teach English. Proofread and edit text translated to English.

Background: Native English speaker from Austin, Texas, USA with a background in software development and a CELTA certificate. Experience teaching ESL, software testing, and computer science. Writing and editing contract work in English and Esperanto.

2005: CELTA certified. Received training in ESL teaching and advanced English grammar. Taught beginning and intermediate ESL adult students, of various native languages (mostly Spanish, plus Portuguese, Swedish, etc.) and observed multiple classes taught by experienced ESL teachers.

2004-2005: Volunteer ESL teacher at Literacy Austin. Received training in ESL and literacy teaching. Taught intermediate and advanced adult students, mostly Spanish and Korean speaking, with some native languages including Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, etc.

2004: Test contractor with Quality of Touch, a small startup which needed testing and expertise on creating a QA process.

2001-2004: Senior Test Engineer at United Devices, a distributed computing company. Besides software-related QA tasks, also gave some teaching presentations about test design, and proofread and helped write manuals and website content.

1999-2000: Partner at Black Freighter, a startup company developing computer strategy games. Software development and game documentation.

1998-1999: Software Process Advocate at Kinesoft. Software development and game documentation.

1993-1997: Programmer at SimTex/Microprose. Lead programmer and documentation co-author for strategy game 1830. AI programmer for Master of Orion 2.

1989-1993: Consultant at Independent Golf Research. Software development and research.

1989 MS in Computer Sciences from The University of Texas at Austin. Taught students. Wrote extensive study guide for students of Automata Theory which was used for many years after my departure.

1984 BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Columbia University. Taught students.

Knowledge & Skills:

Personal interests:

Polish, Esperanto, and other languages. Writing and translation. Travel. Board games. Art, comics, photography, film.