Peace Links

There are lots of misconceptions floating around:

Our War on Terrorism is leading us into a destructive war, not to mention various cases of mistreatment of foreign travellers in the US and other little-publicized restrictions on civil liberties (e.g. the dubiously-named PATRIOT act).

This is of course just a tiny fraction of interesting sites, the ones I happen to enjoy the most. There are zillions of sites out there with information that is hard to find in mainstream news media. Google is of course very handy for researching specific subjects like Guernica getting covered during Powell's speech, "shock and awe" etc.

FAIR is a media watchgroup criticizing bias, inaccuracies and omissions in news stories, e.g. widely repeated current media claims that Iraq kicked out UN inspectors in 1998, which contradict the same media's reports in 1998 and failing to report a key Iraqi defector's statement that weapons had been destroyed.

Common Dreams has lots of essays and articles. has news and activist alerts.

Austin Against War has lots of links.

truthout has news and editorials.

My blog has an entry with lots of ideas and links.

My favorite political cartoonist/essayists: This Modern World, Ted Rall. Also see the comics/journalism books of Joe Sacco.

It's good to remember in the current Iraq crisis that we have a history of getting into wars based on false information or outright lies.

Many of the current administration's claims look suspicious as well, e.g. Powell's UN speech.

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