April 2002: I'm just starting this long-overdue page of links to friends I know in real life. Maybe eventually I'll add additional categories of links, but for now I'm limiting it to people I know in real life to keep it short and simple. :) Meanwhile, if you know me in real life and want a link here, let me know.

Fred Askew
Dan Becker
Dave Brandt & Kate Joly
Tim Broderick
Mike Brotherton
Matt Cohen
Russ Davoli
Jeff Ford
Jonobie Ford
Dudley Fox
Don Harlow
Bob Hearn
Greg Hewgill
Marty Hoff
Jeremio Tomaso Isakso
Ivo Janssen
Fina Kelley
Bob Kirk
Jay Lake
Martin Lebl
Mei Ling Lee
Lobo Aloud
Alejandro Mejia
Anderson Mills
Glenn Peters
Davin Potts
Jeff Shaevel
Rob & Bek Smith (Great Hall Games)
Fred Stanton
Remi Treuer
Kevin Triplett (Mopac Media)
Allen Varney
Alfred Wallace
Jason W
Wendy Wheeler
Wendy White & Rob Corell
Jeff Wofford

For my annotated list of links to lots of webcomics, go here.

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