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I've rearranged this page to be sorted with most recent work at the top. I started taking an art class (Drawing I) at Austin Community College September 2000 so some of these are done for class. I also have been drawing a lot of comic strips (combination of traditional drawing and computer work) you can view at my Ko Fight Club website. Spring 2001 I took a cool printmaking class. Around March I started carving rubber stamps and making comics with them inspired by printmaking class. The class did a trade portfolio of self-portraits.

9/16/2001 poster for peace after the WTC attack: design class project (watercolor and ink and my first use of acrylic)
9/3/2001 seascape: design class quickie project (prismacolor markers and watercolor and rubber stamps)
9/3/2001 cityscape: design class quickie project (watercolor and collage)
3/13/2001 seascape: greeting card made from rubber stamps and prismacolor markers (I started playing with making rubber stamps)
2/10/2001 orange egg print: first project from my printmaking class.
2/10/2001 yellow egg print: this was a 2-plate relief printing project. Fun!
large pencil drawing of unknown man from published b&w photo
     (done in October, but too large for my scanner; thanks Dan for taking photo of framed picture!)
     (this was drawn with aid of grids drawn on photo and my paper to get accurate proportions)
     (if anyone knows who this guy is, tell me!)
11/12/2000 Nunzilla & duck out for a walk
11/11/2000 Weird hotel room (graphite pencil and computer color) (submitted to Comikaze motel project)
11/6/2000 Plush Monkey
10/23/2000 Aluminum foil (experiment with pen/ink textures)
10/17/2000 "Drummer Boy" by Julian Scott (Man, these colors were hard to duplicate)
10/13/2000 Bananas, apples and pear
10/11/2000 Bananas and potato
10/11/2000 Red potato on wood
10/9/2000 Electric Bananas
9/25/2000 General McClellan (from a Civil War portrait)
9/18/2000 Preacher (from a 1952 drawing by Charles White)

Here's some older ones from spring 2000. These are mostly done with ball point pen. A lot were drawn from upsidedown originals, as suggested in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
Fighter from Warlords Battlecry ad
Fighter from Diablo 2 ad
Guy in overcoat from Adbusters
Old lady in McDonald's from Adbusters
Fight Club photo
Alejandro Escovedo and Richard Buckner from Thirsty Ear zine
Anime girl from some rave flyer
My "Tragedy Ann" goth chick doll
Bizet's opera Carmen (from Austin Lyric Opera brochure; pencil)
Guy with books from a software ad (pencil)
Paladin from Diablo 2 ad (charcoal)

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