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2004-06-23 RussCon Report

the very clever pink pipe game

a seven layer stencil of the very clever pink pipe game

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14 of us played 19 games! Welcome new guy Vince, whom I know via RussD.

Next week's RussCon (June 30) will be my last for a while; I will be leaving on a long trip in July, but Clayton is moving into my house and says he will continue RussCon As Usual (though probably without these thrilling Reports, I suppose). Stay tuned for further developments.

I recommend seeing the documentary Control Room. It's very interesting and informative and cool. And opening this weekend of course is Fahrenheit 9/11 - some of us will be seeing the noon showing this Saturday at Arbor Great Hills cinema if you want to join us.

Great Hall Games has moved to 5501 North Lamar (a block south of Koenig)! Their new gaming area is much bigger than the old one.

Game Results

Alhambra4RussW 3 Marty 1 Whendy -1 MarkY -3
Crokinole2( Ben JP ) 1 ( KevinU Clayton ) -1
Crokinole2Vince 1 Clayton -1
Exxtra5KevinU 4 Ben 2 JP 0 Clayton -2 Fina -4
VeryCleverPipeGame2RussW 1 MarkY -1
SanJuan4MarkY 3 JimG 1 Matt -1 RussW -3
EinfachGenial4Marty 3 Whendy 1 Clayton -1 Vince -3
Tichu2( KevinU Fina ) 1 ( Ben JP ) -1
Guillotine3RussW 2 Vince 0 Whendy -2
RicochetRobot3JP 2 KevinU 0 Ben -2
TicketToRide4Matt 3 JimG 1 MarkY -1 Clayton -3
Crokinole2( JP William ) 1 ( KevinU Ben ) -1
VeryCleverPipeGame2MarkY 1 RussW -1
Mutineer4Fina 3 Matt 1 Clayton -1 JimG -3
RicochetRobot4RussW 3 Chad 0 KevinU 0 MarkY -3
Crokinole2Matt 1 Chad -1
Can'tStop2Chad 1 Matt -1
VeryCleverPipeGame2KevinU 1 RussW -1
VeryCleverPipeGame2KevinU 1 RussW -1

The Very Clever Pipe Game is a Cheapass Game which MarkY has been trying to get people to play for months. It's been played only twice before, in 1998 and 2004. Tonight I acquiesced to MarkY's Devilhood and played with him, beating him the first game and losing the second. Later KevinU beat me twice (the second game we had progressed to the second ruleset, which makes the game feel more tactical/reactive as well as more boggling). I am up for playing it more.

I still don't feel I have a good handle on San Juan, but I'm enjoying it. It's probably just as well I didn't get in on Ticket To Ride since I came in dead last the 3 times I played it before.

I was happy to win Ricochet Robot. It was a close game, with all 4 of us in the running. The final chit ended up not being awarded since it was trivial. (I think that's our house rule, or the official rule, anyway it's what we decided...) Note that KevinU noticed a tiny bit of pink in the swirly colorful wild target chit.

Crokinole continues its reign of popularity; it has already been played 31 times and shot up to position 34 out of the 528 titles that have been played at RussCon.

Mutineer (Meuterer) was apparently played just once before at RussCon (2001-08-08) and JP won that one...


Rank Ratings:        
 2.3026 KevinU
 1.7918 JP
 1.7918 Marty
 1.3863 Matt
 1.0986 RussW
 0.6931 William
 0.4700 Fina
 0.0000 Chad
-0.5754 JimG
-0.6931 Vince
-1.0987 Whendy
-1.0987 Ben
-1.7916 MarkY
-4.2759 Clayton
Win Ratings:
 2.1972 RussW won 4 of 8
 1.8563 Fina won 2 of 3
 1.6094 KevinU won 4 of 8
 1.5686 JP won 3 of 5
 1.0986 Marty won 1 of 2
 0.8109 Matt won 2 of 5
 0.6931 William won 1 of 1
 0.5232 MarkY won 2 of 6
 0.0000 Vince won 1 of 3
-0.2877 Chad won 1 of 3
-0.8630 JimG won 0 of 3
-0.9808 Whendy won 0 of 3
-1.3216 Ben won 1 of 5
-2.4722 Clayton won 0 of 6

KevinU and I are Co-Devils! (Which seems somehow pleasing since it will be my last RussCon for a while.) JP and Fina are Co-Vice-Devils. Then Marty, then Matt, then William. Clayton is the Generous Angel!

If you are confused how the ratings work, you could peruse the FAQ.

I used GraphViz to generate the graph image.

devil graph

Meta Game

KevinU was the Meta Devil and mailed out the following Meta Game:

I'm not sure I follow the 2nd class logic that led me to become Meta Devil, but RussW will probably regret his decision....

Well, it seemed like a good idea to try and pick a Meta Game theme that would be topical. So I checked some of the greeting card websites, which seem to have created a holiday for virtually every day of the year, and it turns out that this Wednesday, June 23, is National Pink Day.

Stop groaning.
"Oh, for the love of pink..."

Here's the rules:

Meta Devil points will be awarded for a variety of reasons:


Each time playing a game with the color pink in it: 1 point

This includes all items used to play the games, but does not include the box or rules sheets.
Please get me to verify, and then mark each game that has pink with a circled P in the logbook.
Each time being the sole winner of a game with the color pink in it: 2 points
Each time being one of multiple winners of a game with the color pink in it: 1 point

For the purposes of this meta game, "multiple winners" includes the cases where more than one individual wins (has the most devil points) or the winner is a team, or multiple teams win. If everybody ties for the same place, (everybody receives 0 devil points), then no meta-devil points are given.
For each item of clothing or jewelery with the color pink worn to Russcon: 3 points
For each item of food or drink with the color pink brought to Russcon: 3 points

For the purposes of this Meta Game, food items that are groups (cookies, packs of pop, etc...) will be considered as one item.

I'll keep track of food, clothing, etc... points throughout the night, just find me and let me know.
I was unable to determine, via a cursory browsing of the web, what the origins of National Pink Day are (besides the presumed vested interests of the greeting card industry.) Therefore, 5 points will be awarded to the person providing the most liked explanation of the history of the holiday, be it real or fictitious. You can email me your entry, or add it to the list that I will provide on the night of Russcon. You can make multiple entries. Everybody at Russcon is permitted to mark each entry with a +1, -1, or nothing. The entry with the most positive score gets the five points. Yes, this has been blatantly plagiarized from Ben's Tao Te Ching Meta Game:

If there are ties, the five points will be evenly distributed among the winning explanations.


Most total Meta Devil points is next week's Meta Devil! Ties to be broken by random roll if needed. I will decide what is or isn't pink. RussW can overule me if he feels like it.

Kevin reckoned the results as follows:

Games with pink: Ticket To Ride, Exxtra, Ricochet Robot, and Guillotine.

Theories proposed for why Pink Day is celebrated, in order of popularity by the evening's voting (it was a tough crowd):

Hence Matt gained 5 meta points for his compelling explanation (and for anyone who hasn't seen Reservoir Dogs, you really should!) Furthermore, Whendy wore a dress with pink, and brought some very aromatic pink strawberry candies; Kevin wore 2 pink pieces of clothing (shorts and shirt), I wore 3 different pieces (tie-dye skirt (which I can be seen wearing in this "Where's Russ?" photo of a wedding at the Flipside) and tank top and my stencil monkey shirt which has a pink monkey).

Combining the various earned points, Kevin reckoned the final scores as follows:

I was a juggernaut of pinkosity, and so I am the Meta Devil and will design next week's Meta Game! Which seems somehow pleasing since it will be my last RussCon for a while.

Evening's Soundtrack

wild at heartbettie serveertwild at heartwild at heart

Wild at Heart, original motion picture soundtrack
Bettie Serveert, Lamprey
Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow
My Bloody Valentine, Loveless
Boz Scaggs, Hits!

Rozkoloro, kompreneble.

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