The RussCon gaming groupdice

RussCon has existed since January 1998. It's for friends (and friends of friends) and meets at my house and is often already crowded, so I'm reluctant for random strangers from the internet to ask to come, sorry. If you are looking for Austin German-style gaming, you might check out Friday nights at Great Hall Games in Dobie mall, or start your own group! After years of having a tough time keeping a gaming group going, I stumbled upon some methods that seem to work... I've written thoughts on creating a successful gaming group which I've been told are helpful.

There is a RussCon mailing list (again, intended for RussCon friends). Here is info on how to subscribe or unsubscribe.

I've documented our Devil Points Ratings System, and as of July 2002 a new multiplicative ratings systems.

I've set up a small boardgame links page over at my boardgame-related comic site Ko Fight Club.

Here are back issues of the RussCon Report, by years: 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005. The RussCon Report was originally emailed as plain text, and I've preserved that simple feel here for the most part. I've also x-ed out the occasional phone number, address, etc. of people that were sometimes printed in the original emails since this website is a more public venue. (If anyone sees personal info about themselves they want removed, just let me know.) The RussCon Report has definitely evolved over the years.

(I believe 1/14/1998 was the first session. Sadly, I did not write a Report for it, so the details of that meeting are lost to the mists of time.)

I think this is a fun trip down memory lane... for the earlier reports, pop back from a report with your browser's Back button.

I wrote an article about Save Dr. Lucky and the logic puzzle on the F-2 cards.
Here's a Carcassonne tile distribution. Here's some statistics. Here's an off-site Carcassonne FAQ.
Here's an Iron Horse city map.
Here's a Kingdom Builder random setup tool.

I've got some photos of RussCon people.

I welcome any feedback or suggestions.

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