August 1 2001 RussCon Report


Game Results
Meta Party Game Results
Evening's Soundtrack
26 of us played 18 games. I believe 26 is a new record, folks! Woohoo!
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I had a wonderful time at the US Go Congress, which was in York Pennsylvania this year. York is a rather podunk town; upon our arrival it took 15 minutes of driving to find a restaurant. York College has hot non-air-conditioned dorms, and construction noise early in the morning, and crappy sheets that don't fit the beds, which have mattresses made of some stiff crumply noisy plastic/rubber instead of cloth, and mediocre cafeteria food, and hot water outages, and a student union with no air conditioning half the time and way too cold half the time ... but none of that matters since the Go Congress is The Best Week Of The Year! It was great fun and I won the lower division of the 13x13 tournament for the 3rd time and the Straight Shooter (which we now have the vocabulary to call a Meta Game) in the self-paired tournament.

Congrats to Whendy who is a quarter finalist in the Nicholls Fellowship screenplay contest. This is a shadowy secret society that's also involved with the academy awards.

While straightening up papers (for my procrastinated income taxes) I found an unopened Xmas card from Jay & Susan in Portland... belated thanks!

Game Results

WebOfPower5JeffF 4 Jerrie 2 RussD 0 RussW -2 Clay -4
Tichu2( Whindy Marty ) 1 ( Dan JP ) -1
CastleOfMagic6DaveB 3 Darin 3 Matt 3 PJ -2 Steve -2 ( Jeffles Ben ) -5
Guillotine5ChrisH 4 Daniel 2 Clayton 0 Jeffles -2 Kara -4
Carcassonne3Kara 2 ChrisH 0 Clayton -2
Euphrates3Clay 2 Bob 0 Jerrie -2
StephensonsRocket4JeffF 3 RussW 1 JonathanC -1 RussD -3
Vampire4ChrisH 3 Kara 1 Clayton -1 Mindy -3
Attila5JP 4 Marty 2 Whindy 0 Allen -2 Dan -4
FirstBlood6Darin 5 DaveB -1 Ben -1 Jeffles -1 Steve -1 William -1
Letras4Jerrie 3 Clay 1 Bob -1 Matt -3
Metro6Dan 5 RussW 3 Allen 1 ChrisH -1 RussD -3 Mindy -5
Carcassonne5JP 4 Clayton 2 JonathanC 0 Kara -2 Whendy -4
Carcassonne5Steve 4 Matt 2 RussW 0 Bob -2 Dan -4
DungeonQuest4William 3 Ben -1 Darin -1 DaveB -1
Tichu2( JeffF PJ ) 1 ( Marty Whindy ) -1
WebOfPower4Steve 3 Dan 0 JP 0 RussW -3
DungeonQuest4DaveB 3 Darin -1 William -1 Allen -1

carcassonneShocking news as Hans Im Gluck has changed the farmer scoring rules. Since the game is obviously great and recently won the Game of the Year award, one must wonder why they felt it needed repairing. Apparently newbies sometimes found the existing rule hard to understand. The solution to that is to write the rule more clearly with better examples, I say. Don't mess with perfection. We played this week using the classic One True Rule.

It was especially good to play Metro again this week.

2 games of Web of Power this week! Woohoo! It's another of my faves. We made the not-uncommon mistake of forgetting to remove 5 cards in the 4 player game. That's surely why I lost. We did it wrong. It doesn't count. Yeah.

First Blood was some game that used a Tarot deck.

Our groupthink in Stephensons Rocket lately has been that stations rule and city tokens suck. But JeffF played just his second game of it and won; he took the most tokens. Fascinating, captain.

A reminder: please write and spell clearly when recording game results, and remember last initials for people with common names, thanks! Please be clear about Jonathans, Wendys, and Tims.

Meta Party Game Results

Sea Biscuit was the Meta Devil! Here is the game he mailed out:
The "oh crap I'm meta devil" meta game for tonight is "Clairvoyance."

When you arrive at RussCon, you may submit a list of zero or more games you expect to play this evening. You may list a game more than once if you expect to play it multiple times.

By each item in your list, you may optionally state the ranking you expect to achieve in that game. The ranking can be stated either in absolute terms (e.g. "3rd place") or in terms relative to the number of players (e.g. "next to last place", "in the middle"), since you probably won't know the number of players at the time you're making your ranking prediction. If you list a game more than once and place ranking predictions on some of the listings, you must state the chronological order in which those rankings apply (e.g. "4th place the first time I play Settlers and 1st place the second time").

You may not discuss your predictions with anyone before you submit them, and once you submit them you may not change them. You may not discuss anyone's predictions with a player before he submits his own, e.g. to offer suggestions. Otherwise, you're free to hide or reveal predictions as you choose.

At the end of the evening, you earn points based on the accuracy of your predictions.

For each game you predicted you'd play, you earn:

+2 points if you played it
-2 points if you didn't
For each game you played and for which you predicted your ranking, you also earn:
+(# of players) points if you correctly predicted your ranking
-1 point if you didn't
Your points are unaffected by games you play but didn't predict, and you only lose 2 points, not 3, if you predict your ranking in a game but don't play it at all.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Further discussion and rules followed in email at the last minute, but it was all ultimately somewhat moot because for whatever reason there was not much meta gaming that night. As best I can tell, only 2 people played: me and Sea Biscuit. I won (mostly for predicting Dan & I would both play Metro) (and of course for predicting I'd play Carcassonne). So I am the Meta Devil next week!

Evening's Soundtrack

Comet, Chandelier Musings
Curve, Come Clean
Hell Comes To Your House
Ozzy Osbourne, The Ozzman Cometh
Type O Negative, World Coming Down

The merrymakers have all come back from the 2001 US Go Congress!


Rank ratings:
 1.0000 JeffF (3)
 0.5833 JP (4)
 0.5000 Daniel (1)
 0.4286 ChrisH (4)
 0.3750 Darin (4)
 0.3333 Jerrie (3)
 0.3333 Marty (3)
 0.2500 DaveB (4)
 0.2353 Steve (4)
 0.1667 Matt (3)
 0.0909 William (3)
 0.0000 Whindy (3)
-0.0526 RussW (5)
-0.0769 Clayton (4)
-0.1111 Clay (3)
-0.1429 JonathanC (2)
-0.1667 Allen (3)
-0.1667 PJ (2)
-0.2308 Kara (4)
-0.2353 Dan (5)
-0.3333 Bob (3)
-0.5000 RussD (3)
-0.5385 Ben (3)
-0.5714 Jeffles (3)
-1.0000 Mindy (2)
-1.0000 Whendy (1)
New Win ratings:
 1.0000 JeffF (3)
 0.5000 JP (4)
 0.3750 Darin (4)
 0.3571 ChrisH (4)
 0.2500 DaveB (4)
 0.1765 Steve (4)
 0.1111 Jerrie (3)
 0.0909 William (3)
 0.0833 Matt (3)
 0.0588 Dan (5)
 0.0000 Clay (3)
-0.0769 Kara (4)
-0.1667 Marty (3)
-0.1667 Whindy (3)
-0.2500 Allen (3)
-0.2500 Daniel (1)
-0.2500 Mindy (2)
-0.2500 RussD (3)
-0.2500 Whendy (1)
-0.2632 RussW (5)
-0.2857 JonathanC (2)
-0.3077 Clayton (4)
-0.3333 Bob (3)
-0.3333 PJ (2)
-0.3571 Jeffles (3)
-0.3846 Ben (3)
Once again JeffF is the Devil! Jeez, will you people please start ganging up on him or something? JP is Vice-Devil.


My employer United Devices is hiring. Interested applicants may mention my name for our mutual benefit.

Go players may enjoy Ritchie Press with humorous go book covers. The cover for Get Strong at Gote is especially nice, I think. Non-go-players may simply shake their head in puzzlement.


Subvertise has fun subversive anti-ads in the adbusters tradition.

How fascist are you?

The Curious Adventures of Max the Maggot: How an insignificant little grub saved the life of a mighty hawk.

Beliefnet has a list of religiously themed boardgames, including the ever-popular Redemption: City of Bondage.

Life drawing fans might check out these scanned pages of the out-of-print Andrew Loomis book Figure Drawing For All It's Worth.

The Gentleman's Page is a practical guide for the 19th century American man.

Bacteria that can make insects sick may have been responsible for the exceptional healing of Civil War soldiers' wounds that glowed in the dark.

These photos of breast reduction surgery are not for the easily grossed out. Especially don't go scrolling down to the later photos. No, really, don't. Don't blame me. Man, I warned you!

I am playing more go.