November 8 2000 RussCon Report

Game Results
Meta Party Game Results
Evening's Soundtrack
15 of us! 10 games. A very large number of cookies.

This was William's last RussCon for a while, since he's moving to New York City for real. Good luck! William and Evan should hook up for a game of Cosmic Encounter!

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Several of us have seen past productions by the Austin Free Shakespeare Society. These folks do good shows, and they're free! This weekend they're doing one by a contemporary of Shakespeare. Wendy (who's off to Paris Saturday morning) & I plan to go see this Friday night. Because hey, free Shakespeare! Anyone else interested?
What? Thomas Dekker's The Honest Whore
When? One Weekend Only!!!
Friday Nov. 10- 8 pm,
Saturday Nov. 11-2pm and 8pm,
Sunday Nov. 12-1pm
Where? U.T. campus CMA A2.320
How Much? Free, but donations always accepted and appreciated
Information: 459-5573

Follow the misadventures of star-crossed lovers, a henpecked linen-draper, and, of course, an honest whore as they search for salvation and sanity in this "comedy of errors." The sounds of Shakespeare are mixed with a 1970's look to bring to life a cast of kooky characters in the Austin Free Shakespeare Society's rendition of Thomas Dekker's The Honest Whore.

Here's a map showing CMA (southeast corner of Guadalupe and Dean Keeton aka 26th St).

The only drawback is I'll miss Great Hall Games again for the third week in a row!

Also, let me know if you are interested in doing a potluck Thanksgiving kind of thing. I have definite maybes from Clayton, Brady, and Jerrie at this point.

Game Results

Vampire5Clayton 4 Stephanie 2 JonathanB 0 RussD -2 Carly -4
Settlers4Jeffles 3 Carly 1 RussD -1 Stephanie -3
FunnyMoney6JP 5 Dan 3 Marty 1 Matt -1 RussW -3 Daniel -5
ScotlandYard2( Mindy JonathanB William ) 1 ChrisH -1
Frank'sZoo5Matt 4 JP 2 ChrisH 0 Dan -2 Mindy -4
Samarkand4Dan 3 Matt 1 JP -1 William -3
UnionPacific6RussW 5 Jeffles 3 Marty 1 Carly -1 RussD -3 JonathanB -5
UndTschuess7Carly 6 JP 4 Jeffles 2 Marty 0 Matt -2 JonathanB -4 William -6
Zero4JP 3 JonathanB 0 Matt 0 William -3
Tayu2RussD 1 RussW -1

Funny Money is a German game Marty's had a while, but this is the first time we played it. It had quite nonstandard baroque rules which caused much confusion. I think the game may be good, but it dragged on so very long (and I made a crucial error at the end which probably cost me 1st place and ended me in 5th place) that I can't really say I enjoyed it. Still I like the idea of it, and I might try it again; as JP said, only with people who know the rules. It really took much longer to understand the rules than most RussCon games.

unpacUnion Pacific on the other hand is a game I understand well and actually win often. Woohoo!

Then RussD, who'd never played Tayu before in his life, totally kicked my butt, 16 to 0! Yes, a rare instance of total lockout on one side... I gambled and lost.

Meta Party Game Results

I was the Meta Party Devil of Mediocrity, so I emailed out this week's meta party game:

Eating Weird Foods!

Thanks to William and other folks, I've accumulated a stockpile of various RussCon foods which aren't getting eaten. I'll be assigning point values to them. Each one you eat tonight will earn you points, ranging from the lowly individually wrapped Life-Savers to the unique mysterious Mexican green slime! You must eat an entire object to score its points. The high scorer is the Meta Party Devil.

Thus shall I rid myself of Pokemon Pop-Tarts!

The fiercest competition was between Jeffles and JP. Jeffles braved the high-scoring Chamoy Pulpa (green slime), but stopped after one taste (thus missing out on 25 points, which would surely have won the meta party game for him). Jeffles complained that it tasted like highly salted vomit. We won't ask how he knows what that tastes like. In the end JP was the Eating Weird Foods champion, and so JP is next week's Meta Party Devil! Since he & I were the original brainstormers of the meta party game idea, I'm glad he gets to wear the crown of command.

I still have some Pokemon Pop-Tarts left...

Evening's Soundtrack

Philip Glass, Glassworks
Koyaanisqatsi, Original Soundtrack Album
Philip Glass, The Photographer
Philip Glass, Songs from Liquid Days
Philip Glass, "Low" Symphony

The 1931 Dracula with score by Philip Glass was quite enjoyable.


Rank ratings:
 1.0000 Clayton (1 game played)
 0.6190 JP (5)
 0.5714 Jeffles (3)
 0.3333 Dan (3)
 0.1250 Marty (3)
 0.1111 Carly (4)
 0.0952 Matt (5)
 0.0909 RussW (3)
-0.1429 Stephanie (2)
-0.2000 ChrisH (2)
-0.3846 RussD (4)
-0.4211 JonathanB (5)
-0.6000 Mindy (2)
-0.8462 William (4)
-1.0000 Daniel (1)

New Win ratings:
 1.0000 Clayton (1)
 0.2727 RussW (3)
 0.2381 JP (5)
 0.1667 Carly (4)
 0.0833 Dan (3)
 0.0714 Jeffles (3)
 0.0000 Matt (5)
 0.0000 Mindy (2)
-0.1538 RussD (4)
-0.1538 William (4)
-0.1579 JonathanB (5)
-0.1875 Marty (3)
-0.2000 Daniel (1)
-0.2857 Stephanie (2)
-0.4000 ChrisH (2)
Clayton pulled a Brady Maneuver, so JP is the Devil! Then Carly! Then me and Dan. Daniel pulled a Reverse Brady Maneuver.


Anagram generator.


I can't make out the URL on this picture I got by email:

I'm hoping when they finish recounting Florida, they will discover that Nader is elected president.