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2004-06-09 RussCon Report

antietam yo la tengo rasputina

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20 of us played 22 games!

There were several folks who'd not been around much lately! Reminder that tonight some folks are going to see the cool-looking new Guy Maddin film The Saddest Music In The World at 6:50 at Dobie.

Game Results

RicochetRobot6Tim 5 RussW 3 Ben 0 KevinU 0 DaveB -3 Marty -5
Vampire5KevinY 3 Marty 3 RussW -1 MarkY -1 Matt -4
Crokinole2( MarkG Fred ) 1 ( Whendy Clayton ) -1
ZirkusFlohcati3Dudley 2 KevinY 0 MarkG -2
Crokinole2( KevinU DaveB ) 1 ( Ben Tim ) -1
SanJuan4Matt 3 Fred 1 Clayton -1 RussW -3
TooManyCooks4MarkG 3 KevinY 1 DaveB -1 Dudley -3
Goa4JP 3 MikeC 1 Fina -1 MarkH -3
Blokus4Clayton 3 RussW 1 Matt -1 Fred -3
Tichu2( Ben Tim ) 1 ( KevinU MarkY ) -1
Tutanchamun3DaveB 2 PJ 0 Matt -2
SanJuan4JP 3 RussW 1 Fina -1 Clayton -3
Bluff4KevinU 3 Matt 1 MarkY -1 Ben -3
Guillotine4KevinU 3 MarkY 1 Ben -2 Matt -2
RicochetRobot3JP 2 RussW 0 PJ -2
Cosmic4William 2 Dudley 2 MarkG -2 KevinY -2
Crokinole2KevinU 1 Ben -1
Crokinole2KevinU 1 JP -1
Labyrinth2KevinU 1 RussW -1
Labyrinth2KevinU 1 RussW -1
Crokinole2PJ 1 JP -1
Crokinole2JP 1 PJ -1

Ricochet Robot seems to be getting more and more popular. Later in the evening, JP and PJ and I experimented with playing it on a hex grid, which works but feels very strange!

I was very happy to finally get another chance to play San Juan (twice!) again. I am happy that I continue to enjoy it, even though I didn't do very well, and I want to play it some more. It has an awful lot of different buildings and possibly strategies. E.g. JP won the last game having built something insane like 8 production buildings and having the Guild Hall or whatever that gives you 2 points for each production building.

Goa is some new game MikeC brought, described as a meaty cross between Puerto Rico and Princes of Florence, and indeed it took them almost 3 hours to finish, I believe.

Labyrinth is a card game KevinU brought back from Germany - it's pretty simple and chaotic and luckbased, but interesting fun and has that pretty appeal of geomorphic tile maze games... We tried playing with hand sizes of 3 instead of 2 to permit a little more strategy/planning; unclear if that helped. So far we've only tried it 2-player but are curious to try with more (it supposedly works with up to 6 players.)

Crokinole is clearly quite popular lately as well!

A reminder: please write names unambiguously in The Book, with last initials for people like KevinU and KevinY.


Rank Ratings:     
 5.5452 KevinU
 3.1781 JP
 1.7918 Tim
 0.6931 William
 0.6286 KevinY
 0.4700 DaveB
 0.4055 Dudley
 0.4055 MikeC
 0.2877 MarkG
-0.2877 Fred
-0.6931 Whendy
-0.8110 Fina
-0.8754 Marty
-0.9808 MarkY
-1.0987 Clayton
-1.0987 PJ
-1.3329 RussW
-1.3863 MarkH
-2.0152 Matt
-2.7726 Ben
Win Ratings:
 5.3629 KevinU won 7 of 9
 3.1781 JP won 4 of 6
 1.7918 Tim won 2 of 3
 1.5041 Dudley won 2 of 3
 1.3218 DaveB won 2 of 4
 0.9808 MarkG won 2 of 4
 0.7340 Marty won 1 of 2
 0.6931 William won 1 of 1
 0.1178 Fred won 1 of 3
 0.1178 Clayton won 1 of 4
-0.2877 MikeC won 0 of 1
-0.2877 MarkH won 0 of 1
-0.3930 Matt won 1 of 6
-0.4700 KevinY won 1 of 4
-0.5754 Fina won 0 of 2
-0.6931 Whendy won 0 of 1
-0.8110 PJ won 1 of 4
-1.4507 Ben won 1 of 6
-1.7796 MarkY won 0 of 4
-3.3467 RussW won 0 of 8

KevinU is the Devil! JP is Vice-Devil. Tim is Vice-Vice-Devil. Then William, Dudley and Dave!

If you are confused how the ratings work, you could peruse the FAQ.

I used GraphViz to generate the graph image.

devil graph

Meta Game

MarkG was the Meta Devil and emailed out the following Meta Game:

I'm the Devil, be nice to me. Be my friend. Play games with me. Let me win.

Every game you play with me earns you one metapoint. If I come out with a better score than you do, you get another metapoint. If I win, you get a third metapoint. If you end up with a better score than me, you lose a metapoint.

I will be awarding arbitrary extra metapoints to people who are nice to me or give me nice things.

If Jeff Shaevel makes delicious pastries and brings them to share, he gets 3 metapoints (provided I get to have some). Anyone else should feel free to try to earn metapoints by bringing delicious pastries too.

(Sadly no delicious pastries materialized by JeffS, who sent his regrets!) MarkG kept track of meta points and told me who won - yay, no work for me! KevinY is the Meta Devil and will design next week's Meta Game!

antietam yo la tengo rasputina

Evening's Soundtrack

Antietam, Comes Alive!
Yo La Tengo, Ride the Tiger
Yo La Tengo, Painful
Rasputina, Thanks for the Ether
Rasputina, The Lost & Found

I saw them all 3 play on Saturday night, yay! I've tended to avoid smoky music venues in recent years, but since I like all three of these bands, I went to Stubbs to check them out. I've seen Antietam and Yo La Tengo a couple times before, both a decade ago. They played outdoors; Antietam (who I thought had disbanded, but they're back together with a new album) opened to a small crowd, and then the popular eclectic Yo La Tengo filled the backyard. I kept missing Victorian corset cello rockers Rasputina in the past and was happy to finally see them live. Rasputina played indoors and the smallish room was way too cramped for the dense crowd, and way too smoky, but the music was great. Esperantistoj eble ĝuos mian pli longan koncertrecenzon.

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