December 27 2000 RussCon Report

Game Results
Meta Party Game Results
Evening's Soundtrack
14 of us played 18 games. Carly says she's made it to every RussCon while she's in Austin; she wasn't here tonight, so I guess she must not have been in Austin. And my houseguest Remi slept through the whole RussCon. But we did have the long-lost James stop in, though!
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My comic site is currently running a cheapass story of zombie horror!


I'll see some of y'all at a Jeff New Year's Eve party! Jeffles will have gaming. JeffS will have magic and Zaireeka. How can you lose! Get out there and have fun!

Jeffles and I have traded games: he gave me Wizard Kings (which I love more than he does) and I gave him Blood Bowl (which I'd bought from him back when he moved to Seattle). Meanwhile Clayton negotiated with Alfred to acquire Alfred's Vino. I don't remember the result of that deal-making because it was getting late...

Game Results

Chrononauts8Tim 7 Clayton -1 Alfred -1 Clay -1 Marty -1 WendyWhe -1 PJ -1 RussW -1
Guillotine4Clayton 3 Tim 1 RussW -1 James -3
FlinkePinke4RussW 3 James 1 Clayton -1 Tim -3
Attila5Marty 4 PJ 2 Clay 0 Alfred -2 WendyWhe -4
Brawl2PJ 1 Clay -1
Brawl2PJ 0 Clay 0
Entdecker4James 3 Clayton 1 RussW -1 Jeffles -3
Tightrope3Matt 2 PJ 0 JP -2
Bohnanza5RussD 4 Marty 2 Brady 0 WendyWhe -2 Alfred -4
DurchDieWueste3James 2 RussW 0 Clayton -2
Digging2( WendyWhe Brady ) 1 ( RussD Alfred ) -1
HatTrick4RussW 3 James 1 Clayton -1 RussD -3
Euphrates4Matt 3 Marty 1 JP -1 PJ -3
FlinkePinke4JP 3 PJ 1 Marty -1 Matt -3
IronHorse3RussW 2 Alfred 0 Clayton -2
ButtonMen2RussW 1 Alfred -1
Carcassonne3JP 2 James 0 Matt -2
Brawl2Matt 1 JP -1

chrononautsChrononauts is a new game from the Fluxx folks. We played it with too many people as it turns out; I started, we went round the table, it got to Tim (on my right) who, on his first turn of the game, won. It took longer to explain and set up than to play! However I have heard good stuff about the game from Clayton and Alfred independently, and they assure me that when played with fewer than 8 people it lasted longer and was interesting fun. The game itself is a time travel game with various historical events which we sometimes cause to reverse. It has fun cards and seems to have potential, so I'd try it again with a smaller group.

Since so many people played Chrononauts, James had a tough time getting people to play Carcassonne (another C game), but eventually he got to play this popular RussCon modern classic.

Flinke Pinke got played twice; somewhat unusual, but then it's actually a pretty good little game (an abstract version of Titan the Arena), plus many of us wanted games that started with F. In the first game we had unusually high scores; I ended with 93 (max possible was 100!).

Attila got played for the first time at RussCon; folks have been curious about it. I didn't hear if it was liked or not.

We had a good close game of Durch die Wueste (65, 72, 73).

Hat Trick felt weird and sort of broken when we first started it; I'd never played with 3 before. James asked how many it took; I read the box: "4 to 6". Ooops! Luckily RussD was available and joined us so we restarted with 4! It is a good little game, and the Half Price Books on Guadalupe near campus has lots of them for sale for $2!

Iron Horse got played solely because I needed an I game. It's way too luck based. Clayton and Alfred made steady progress towards the goal of 500 points while I languished never drawing passengers after my first 2 deliveries, so I was stuck at 25 points while they had 155 and 300 and we'd been through the whole deck once. Suddenly I got tons of passengers, filling my train to capacity (80 -- I had VIP passengers), and got an excellent delivery (multiplier x6) and thus got 480 points in one delivery, suddenly ending the game with me victorious with 505 points after sitting in distant last place for a half hour... The cute thing about Iron Horse is the city cards have Cartesian coordinates used to determine distances. I have made a chart of the cities.

Two different quick Cheapass games were played as B games: Brawl and Button Men.

PJ & Alfred also played some go with me, which Meta Party Devil Alfred ruled counted for the Meta Party Game. Turns out they are comparable in skill and played a good close game with each other, too.

Meta Party Game Results

Alfred was the Meta Party Devil. Here is the meta party game he emailed out:

This week's metagame (with an assist from Tim):

For each game you play, note down the first letter of the title (ignore articles of all languages: The, Die, etc). At the end of the evening, one seeks to have the longest string of initial letters: frex, if you had D-E-F-G-H as your longest string, you would get five points. If in addition you had A-B, L, P, R-S-T, and another D-E-F you would gain no further points in the metagame. (Needless to say, this string is impossible as there is no "C" for Carcassonne.)

Ties are broken first by the person whose string starts closest to the front of the alphabet, then by greatest number of games played, then by head-butting (no antlers), two falls out of three.

For languages, go by the title on the copy being played on. "Through the Desert" is a T, "Durch die Wuste" is a D. (Neither gets you a "P" for "Pastel Camel Game.")

I am reminded a bit of By Hook or Crook (or Adel Verpflichtet, if you prefer an 'A' title!).

Results: I played 8 games starting with all 8 letters from B to I, so I am the Meta Party Devil! There was stiff competition, and Wendy even came prepared with a list of all games. Good game, Alfred!

Evening's Soundtrack

Ottmar Liebert, Nouveau Flamenco
Mazzy Star, Among My Swan
Nowhere, music from the gregg araki movie
Old School, La bande originale du film
Iggy Pop, Brick by Brick

Double theme tonight! CDs I've received as gifts, and then there's the meta thing.

Jeffles claimed to recognize some of the French rap playing on the Old School disc; I was skeptical until I remembered he has lived in France! Oui oui!


Rank ratings:
 0.3846 Tim (3 games played)
 0.2500 RussW (8)
 0.2500 James (6)
 0.2381 Marty (5)
 0.2000 Brady (2)
 0.0909 Matt (5)
 0.0909 JP (5)
 0.0000 RussD (3)
 0.0000 PJ (7)
-0.1304 Clayton (7)
-0.1538 Clay (4)
-0.3750 WendyWhe (4)
-0.4737 Alfred (6)
-1.0000 Jeffles (1)

New Win ratings:
 0.3846 Tim (3)
 0.3636 Matt (5)
 0.2500 RussD (3)
 0.2083 RussW (8)
 0.1818 JP (5)
 0.0625 James (6)
 0.0000 Marty (5)
 0.0000 Brady (2)
-0.1250 WendyWhe (4)
-0.1304 Clayton (7)
-0.1905 PJ (7)
-0.2308 Clay (4)
-0.3158 Alfred (6)
-0.3333 Jeffles (1)

Tim is the Devil! I am Vice-Devil (and most Dedicated), then Matt. Jeffles pulled off the rare and dangerous Reverse Brady Maneuver!


I was randomly grouped with 4 other Keenspace cartoonists for the big New Year's Eve crossover project (with 50 comics involved). Our complete comics are up and can be read here at the Group 2 page. I'm pleased with my last strip, which is an unusually panoramic crowd scene and features a dozen cameos from other webcomics.

Also check out Comicollage, a new daily comic that's an ongoing comic jam with 7 creators (most of whom didn't know each other before we started this). It launched Xmas eve. I'm the Tuesday guy. No planning ahead, except this first week we each agreed to introduce a character. Next week unplanned stuff happens!

Abstract Games Magazine is paper, but has a web presence, and may be of interest to some of you.

georgeWhere's George? will help you track where your dollar bills have been, and where they go.

Read about Jay's parking ticket and his miniatures gaming experience with Ben Hare: Chariot Racing in the Looney Tunes Universe.

You're Probably Lost is an Onion-like site.

Make those long lonely nights on the mothership a little easier with your own Inflatable Alien Love Doll!

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