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2004-11-10 RussCon Report


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20 of us played 15 games! Welcome back long-lost Alfred who was visiting Austin on vacation from his self-imposed exile in St. Louis!

November 20 will be camping overnight at Inks Lake (car camping, near a bathroom; not primitive camping), at least if the weather is not too bad. Let me know if you're interested.

Game Results

Exxtra4Clayton 3 MarkH 1 Ben -1 Fina -3
SaintPetersburg3Jeffles 2 JP 0 William -2
Tichu2( William Ben ) 1 ( MarkH JP ) -1
StephensonsRocket4Alfred 3 RussW 1 Marty -1 AdamE -3
RicochetRobot2JP 1 Ben -1
UnionPacific4Jeffles 3 JimG 1 Clayton -1 Fina -3
Boggle5William 4 JP 2 Jeffles 0 Justin -2 Ben -4
Ra4Harry 3 ToddG 1 Becky -1 Sam -3
RicochetRobot7ToddG 6 RussW 4 Jeffles 2 AdamE -1 JimG -1 Sam -5 Alfred -5
Vampire4RussW 3 Alfred 1 AdamE -1 Marty -3
Acquire5MarkY 4 Chad 2 JP 0 ToddG -2 RussW -4
TajMahal5AdamE 4 Sam 2 Matt -1 JimG -1 Alfred -4
BoggleBowl2MarkY 1 JP -1
Mu4Jeffles 3 Ben 1 William -1 Justin -3
SaintPetersburg3Chad 2 RussW 0 Clayton -2

Hurray Stephensons Rocket. Marty and I both agree this game should get played more. It is, after all, the greatest of all Knizia train games!

Show-off Jeffles jumping into our 6-player Ricochet Robot game when there are only 3 chits left, and winning all 3 of the chits and third place! I was glad I had already collected 4 chits by that point...

In the Acquire game, I once again learned the hard way not to buy lots of Continental and Imperial in the opening... If only I would apply that hard-won knowledge.

Chad utterly demolished me and Clayton in his first game of Saint Petersburg! I also kick myself for my tendency to forget to use the frickin' observatory after I bought it. Not to mention holding the Mistress of Ceremonies in my hand the whole game, forever unable to afford bringing her out until the last turn. If I didn't like this game so much, I'd hate it!


Rank Ratings:    
 4.3820 Jeffles
 2.3026 MarkY
 1.7918 Chad
 1.6582 ToddG
 1.3863 Harry
 1.2809 RussW
 0.7985 William
 0.0000 JP
-0.1054 JimG
-0.1178 Clayton
-0.2877 Matt
-0.2877 MarkH
-0.4054 AdamE
-0.4054 Becky
-1.0703 Alfred
-1.6094 Ben
-1.7916 Marty
-1.9456 Sam
-2.0794 Justin
-2.7726 Fina
Win Ratings:
 3.4939 Jeffles won 3 of 5
 2.3026 MarkY won 2 of 2
 1.6094 William won 2 of 4
 1.4351 ToddG won 1 of 3
 1.3863 Harry won 1 of 1
 0.8799 AdamE won 1 of 4
 0.8755 Chad won 1 of 2
 0.7213 Alfred won 1 of 4
 0.6931 Clayton won 1 of 3
 0.3158 RussW won 1 of 5
-0.2231 Matt won 0 of 1
-0.2877 Becky won 0 of 1
-0.5108 Justin won 0 of 2
-0.5754 Marty won 0 of 2
-0.5754 Fina won 0 of 2
-0.6649 JimG won 0 of 3
-0.6649 Sam won 0 of 3
-0.7985 Ben won 1 of 5
-0.9808 MarkH won 0 of 2
-1.5451 JP won 1 of 6

Jeffles is the Devil! MarkY is the Vice-Devil! ToddG, Chad, and William are Co-Vice-Vice-Devils.

If you are confused how the ratings work, you could peruse the FAQ.

I used GraphViz to generate the graph image.

devil graph

Meta Game

Justin was the Meta Devil and designed the following Meta Game:

Wow I won my first metagame; I’d like to thank all the little people that made this win possible. Okay maybe the biggest help was really Newsweek’s state by state poll numbers. I guess I will actually have to show up to RussCon this Wednesday. I’ve been taking a Japanese class on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings, so I have usually been doing homework on Wednesday, and haven’t been able to make it. Anyway I guess I have the task of coming up with a metagame.

The past few weeks a lot of things have been finishing just under first place. My beloved Fightin’ Texas Aggies Football team, came up just short it their last two games, and only won the one before that by 3 points. I can tell that a lot of people were upset that John Kerry came up short, 49% to 51%. Therefore, I’ve designed this metagame to reward those that almost won. This Metagame will require a tiny bit of math so I will try and remember to bring a calculator, but to encourage people to participate I will take a cue from William and give away three prizes.

Games that have a score (i.e., victory points in Puerto Rico, Settlers, money in Acquire, or points in Carcassonne), and not just rank order (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) qualify. If you came in second place find the percent increase needed to win. For example, if you had 147 points in Carcassonne and 1st place had 153, that would be ((153-147)/147)*100 or you needed a 4.08% better score to tie for 1st place. Ties do not count and for any game where a low score is the winner reverse the numbers to reflect percent lower score you needed to win. Please record each score in the journal. To not give an advantage to partner games, only one partner can accept the points for a game, either by mutual decision or a 6D-rolloff lowest score wins.

All the scores will be arranged from lowest to highest and at 10:30 p.m. the second to lowest score will get to choose the first prize, the lowest will get the 2nd choice and the 3rd lowest score the third prize. If there is a tie a D6 will be rolled with the 2nd place number winning. So lets hear if for the ones that almost made it. Please email me with any questions and I will try and answer them. Good Luck.

At 10:30 as planned, Justin reckoned the winners as follows:

Therefore JimG had 2nd place, thus winning the Meta Game! Justin generously provided 3 lavish prizes! Jim chose Carcassone: The Castle. Alfred then chose a crisp $10 bill. That left me with a videotape of the seminal Ralph Bakshi film Wizards. Yay! I like that movie. Thanks Justin! So JimG is the Meta Devil and will design next week's Meta Game.

Evening's Soundtrack

Beyond the Pale, Strange Turns
Beyond the Pale, Queen of Skye
Kevin Burke's Open House, Hoof and Mouth
The Churn, Big Buttah
Ed Miller, Generations of Change

Recent acquisitions by me and Clayton as a result of the Celtic Festival last weekend! (Guessing which CDs are mine and which are Clayton's is left as an exercise to the reader.)

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