April Fools RussCon was a serious record-breaker! We had 16 gamers with 4 tracks of gaming! 11 games were played. Not only that, Peter's playing didn't suck this time! My playing did suck, but it was good fun nonetheless. Thanks to Alfred, Brady, Clayton, Doug, Dawn, Eric, James, Jonathan, JP, Ken, Kevin, Marty, Peter, RussD, Tim for joining me for a record-breaking crowd! It was darned impressive...

Alfred won 2 games of Entdecker in a row.
JP won Euphrates.
RussD won Settlers (with EricH & Peter tying for 2nd with 9 points).
Kevin won DungeonQuest.
Brady won Euphrates.
Ken won El Grande.

JP won RoboRally (which Eric lost due to resignation/leaving early, combined with our indignation at his lousy map setup -- a "short game", he says, with close & easy to reach flags... yeah, right! The cheeky monkey...)

Marty won Euphrates.
Tim won Titan the Arena.

Jonathan won Huzzah (which, being a Cheap Ass Game, had no victory point tokens, so we surreptitiously stole from a concurrent Euphrates game, causing them mysterious & troublesome shortages).

This RussCon had 3 games not played before at RussCon: DungeonQuest (the old Games Workshop game), Titan the Arena (Avalon Hill monster gladiatorial combat betting game based on a German horse racing game), and Huzzah (a weird funny Cheap Ass Game where you're a RenFest performer).


Evening's results: Kevin displaces Brady as Devil of the Week

Kevin used the Brady Maneuver this week, playing one game and winning it. If this nefarious trend keeps up, perhaps I should only consider players of more than one game for the prestigious honors, glory, and generous cash prizes which befall a RussCon winner.

Rank ratings:
 1.00 Kevin
 0.78 JP
 0.56 Marty
 0.43 RussD
 0.33 Alfred
 0.29 Peter
 0.20 Ken
 0.11 Brady
 0.11 Jonathan
-0.33 Dawn
-0.33 James
-0.33 Tim
-0.50 RussW
-0.56 Doug
-0.57 EricH
-1.00 Clayton

Win ratings:
 1.00 Kevin
 0.65 JP
 0.58 RussD
 0.48 Alfred
 0.23 Ken
 0.20 Brady
 0.20 Marty
 0.19 Jonathan
 0.19 Tim
-1.00 Clayton
-1.00 Dawn
-1.00 Doug
-1.00 EricH
-1.00 James
-1.00 Peter
-1.00 RussW

By the way, ties are now sorted alphabetically.

In terms of absolute (unscaled) scores, JP & Alfred each won 2 games. JP had the highest devil points (opponents beaten - opponents beating him) with 7, and Marty had 5.


Rick is leaving Austin for a better job up north. Sorry we never played Hispania. Good luck!


See y'all this Wednesday April 8 ... should be a lighter turnout than April 1: no Chicago visitors, and Clayton's out of town. Oh, and I hope you can recognize my house: the lawn has been mowed!