Last week was lower attendance; 5 us started a game of FerroPampas, and we were later joined by 3 more: Dawn, Jonathan, and Brady.

Alfred won FerroPampas versus James, RussW, Ken, and Marty.

Then Ken introduced Dawn, Jonathan, and Brady to Euphrates, which Brady won.

Meanwhile James won a game of Entdecker versus Marty, Alfred, and RussW.


I've emailed RioGames at aol. They shall be sending me the red Entdecker fort I'm missing, which is nice, and they also answered a rule question:

I wrote:

>>We also had a rule question: it seems ambiguous how the points are
>>allocated if there is a tie for discoverer on an island!  We've been doing
>>it Medici-style (E.g. 2-way tie for 1st place means they split the first
>>and 2nd place award, a 3rd person would get 3rd place award), but rounding
>>up rather than down as Medici does (since Entdecker seems to round up other
>>divisions).  It would be nice to know if there is an official way in the
>>German rules...

Jay from RioGames replied:

>The correct way is that both tied discovers get full 1st place points (using
>the value of the largest chip, if any). Second place receives 2nd place points
>(not 3rd), etc.

So now we know!


Results from Wednesday night:

The Brady Maneuver has been pulled again: come late, play one game, and win it. What a sly devil!

Rank ratings:
 1.00 Brady
 0.71 James
 0.33 Dawn
 0.29 Alfred
-0.29 RussW
-0.33 Jonathan
-0.43 Marty
-0.71 Ken

Win ratings:
 1.00 Brady
 0.58 James
 0.52 Alfred
-1.00 Dawn
-1.00 Jonathan
-1.00 Ken
-1.00 Marty
-1.00 RussW

Special award for Unusually & Impressively Sucky Night goes to Ken!


Special treat: cumulative ratings! I finally wrote a quick & dirty program to crunch the numbers. Here's the results from all games I've played in (or were played at my house) since late December: 129 games! This includes some very obscure people, as noted after their names, whose ratings are quite statistically invalid due to small sample size. (And Ken, Wendy, DaveB: these do include last Thursday night's games at SimTex!) There are 36 different players in the book now!

Rank ratings:
 0.60 Bruce [Some guy I don't even remember who played a game at SimTex once!]
 0.50 JimC  [Played a game of Settlers on New Year's Eve]
 0.44 Tom
 0.33 DaveB
 0.29 Bob
 0.28 EricH
 0.22 RussW
 0.18 Ken
 0.14 Doug
 0.14 James
 0.11 Jonathan
 0.09 Tim
 0.07 JP
 0.07 Baron
 0.02 Marty
 0.00 KenL
 0.00 ScottChicago [Friend of EricH in Chicago; we played a couple Settlers]
-0.06 Evan
-0.08 Clayton
-0.13 Jay
-0.15 Brady
-0.21 Greg
-0.22 JeffS
-0.23 Peter
-0.29 RussD
-0.29 William
-0.31 Alfred
-0.33 Bill [Chicago Kinesoft]
-0.33 Dawn
-0.33 JoshWhite [Wendy White's kid brother]
-0.33 Scott [Friend of DaveB, Kate, Wendy, etc.]
-0.39 Kevin
-0.40 Wendy
-0.41 Lance [Chicago Kinesoft who also made it to one RussCon!]
-0.46 Rick
-0.50 Kate

Win ratings:
 0.65 Tom
 0.50 ScottChicago
 0.33 James
 0.30 Tim
 0.23 EricH
 0.22 Ken
 0.20 RussW
 0.20 DaveB
 0.18 Clayton
 0.16 JP
 0.14 Marty
 0.09 Baron
 0.06 Greg
 0.05 Bob
 0.03 Wendy
 0.01 Doug
-0.04 Alfred
-0.09 Lance
-0.26 Brady
-0.31 Peter
-0.33 JeffS
-0.34 Evan
-0.37 William
-0.55 RussD
-0.61 Rick
-1.00 Bill
-1.00 Bruce
-1.00 Dawn
-1.00 Jay
-1.00 JimC
-1.00 Jonathan
-1.00 JoshWhite
-1.00 Kate
-1.00 KenL
-1.00 Kevin
-1.00 Scott


What have we been playing? Here's how many sessions I have recorded of each game title:

1 2038
1 AgeOfRenaissance
1 EnemyInSight
1 Manhattan
1 MaterialWorld
1 Titan
2 Acquire
2 FerroPampas
2 KillDrLucky
2 Konzern
2 ThroneWorld
3 ModernArt
3 MrBond
6 MississippiQueen
6 Montgolfiere
9 ElGrande
9 RoboRally
11 Entdecker
12 Euphrates
12 Loewenherz
16 Medici
26 Settlers

It's not a great surprise to see Settlers was played the most. The high number of Euphrates games is impressive considering how recently Ken bought it.

In a way, I'm surprised these numbers aren't higher. It feels like we've played so many more games!


See y'all Wednesday; we should have Eric & Peter from Chicago again.