kevin and kellWelcome to the Web Comics Awareness 2003 event! There are thousands of webcomics out there... from professionally produced daily strips for huge audiences, to personal projects shared with a few friends, and everything in between. Each webcomic creator has their own reasons for making webcomics and their own artistic goals, and the web makes it easier than ever for comics to find their audience. Every year on May 5 (Cartoonists Day) some of us make webcomics about webcomics. Here are links to all sorts of strips that deal with art, writing, economics, technology, history, and other aspects of webcomics of interest to their creators.

This is the third year of the WCA event. Here are the hub sites for other years: 2001 2002 2004.If you make a webcomic and want to participate in the event next year, you are welcome to! Please join the webcomics_awareness mailing list at yahoogroups, which has FAQs in the Files area and will be very quiet until a couple months before the event. :)

People all over the world make webcomics... Click here to visit comicmaps.com which shows a world map of webcomics creators!

Participating Comics:

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Thanks to various websites that helped publicize the event:

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Jim Alexander started the ball rolling on this event in 2001, and for the past 2 years Jim did all the work of wrangling the lists of people/comics/URLs, doing email and publicity, and other such tedious endless tasks for which I am most grateful!
Thanks to Steve Ince for this year's spiffy WCA banner.
Thanks to Bill Holbrook for the Kevin and Kell WCA art.
Thanks to Gav for the original perl script to do the "sorted and randomly cut" site list, and hosting previous years' sites at Keenspace.
I (Russ Williams) am the webmonkey, so please email me about problems with this site.