Here are the answers from my 2003-02-05 Meta Game:

The different rules of this game are presented by homogeneous rubric. Europa Universalis
submitted by Alfred
The game is begun by the player who looks most like a pirate... 5 Cartagena
help finding quote by Marty
Everyone guesses the current time; whoever is closest goes first. 2 Chrononauts
The player with the longest eye-teeth begins; play continues in clockwise order. 8 Vampire
The player who can drink most milk in one go, starts!! Ex & Hopp
submitted by MarkH
The player born closest to March 15 plays first, with a tie broken in favor of the older or oldest among those tied. Ubi
The meanest player begins the game. 1 Vegas
The fun begins when our party pooping poltergeist emerges from the dark cellar... 9 Ghost Party
You can use anything you like for counters: coins, milk caps, dead flies, whatever you have on hand. 1 Lunch Money
Degeneration Counters are sometimes referred to as "Gruntles," because they represent the members of the List getting increasingly disgruntled. Spammers
Some players have the Greater Peon sit on something improvised such as a suitcase or a box, or even on the floor. 7 The Great Dalmuti
submitted by MarkG
You and your friends are living pleasant and complete lives in Happyville. You are highly trained and well-paid sous-chefs, who have decided to climb to the top of a tall building, as fast as you can. 4 Devil Bunny Needs a Ham
submitted by Jeffles
The Most Pretentious Card Game Ever Made ? Gother Than Thou
Unfortunately, the gold is guarded by creatures called Luckychauns. 1 Rainbows
The Twonky is cursed. It knows exactly what's going on. 2 RoboRally
There is still much to learn about cities and the forces which shaped them. Who knows what secrets lie hidden within this simple game waiting to be discovered. Cathedral
If a weasel spit at you, you might break in two or go blind, but bones of a white weasel could be used to make yourself invisible. ? ? Master Labyrinth
And now you absolutely can't wait to take the lying old bastard down. 5 Kill Doctor Lucky
We all know that the Spy destroys a Lair on the way out. It's just part of the super-villain mystique. Sometimes we even make it easier, by filling everything with kerosene. 5 Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond...
Elbow, Hail Mary, Headbutt, Hook, Jab, Kick, Pimp slap, Uppercut 4 Lunch Money
The kids of Ticketa-Koo are troublesome not only because they explode, but because they tend to multiply at a tremendous rate. A BITER explodes into six BLIPS and YEASTS, but it takes only three BLIPS and one YEAST to re-combine into a new BITER! (Negative entropy!) 4 ? Globbo
You don't have to bite off someone's head just because you landed on them. You can peacefully coexist with them, if you choose. 6 Bitin' Off Hedz
submitted by William
A Sleeping Gas will break a Grapple. 3 Montgolfiere
There are eleven spectators in the arena whose blood lust is such that they can't resist interfering... 2 Titan the Arena
Wild Rabble Schotten-Totten
When an Orgy card is drawn, no vote of confidence is called. 3 ? Caesar & Cleopatra
Unlike other war vehicles, they were never called "she." Friendly units of the speaker's acquaintance were "he"; others were "it." 1 Ogre
Chickacheezabunga 3 Lord of the Fries
When a red herring surfaces, the correct answer is, "That's a red herring." 1 Ubi
All players then solemnly intone the Creed. 2 Credo
Shiver me timbers, it's fun! Buried Treasure
Everybody loves sheep. Sheep go "baa". 3 The Settlers of Catan
If a player forgets to make a sound effect, his/her BLAST misses and the BLAST card is discarded without effect. ? Mag Blast
submitted by Dan
You may find the consequences of your failure are somewhat less onerous than you'd otherwise expect. 1 Dying Earth RPG
submitted by MarkG
He tells the GM he wants to replace one of his old spells with this new one. His GM says, "and Pamela Anderson would like to be known for her intellect. Sorry, it ain't gonna happen." 2 ? HackMaster Player's Handbook
submitted by MarkG
Perhaps he is right. Perhaps he is not. ? Devil Bunny Needs a Ham
submitted by Jeffles

All 9 contestants identified Ghost Party; only 1 missed Vampire.
I was surprised only 3 identified Settlers of Catan!
I was surprised someone besides the submitter knew the HackMaster quote; kudos to BobR!

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